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Safely Using a Concrete Core Drill

From the construction of a massive bridge to the flooring of your home, concrete has become a part of our daily lives. It is important for concrete construction workers to perform concrete core strength testing to certify the strength of the concrete after it has cured. Concrete coring and drilling companies hire lab facilities to do the testing for them, but this has change over the year as it has becoming extremely expensive and most construction companies now do the testing themselves. The testing requires a high quality core drill, a concrete testing machine and the experience/skill to do it safely. Concrete cutting and drilling raises many dangers. It is important to understand how to safely use a concrete core drill when trying to keep your workers safe.

Choosing the Right Concrete Core Drill

Even though construction companies can hire a core drill, most companies would prefer taking the time to learn and understand how to properly use it and find it less costly to purchase a concrete core drill. Purchasing the correct drill and accessories for the project is important to safe operation use. For drilling a hand held drill works fine but when it comes to safety a rig mounted or concrete drill stand would be the safest way to get the job done.

The Wire Saw

Stand Attachments for Drill

A few stands that work well when concrete core drilling are, the vacuum stand which uses suction and removes the need for anchor holes but only works on smooth, flat surfaces and can't be used on bumpy or rugged surfaces. That is when the need for anchor holes is necessary, securing the concrete core drill with core drilling standard anchors to withstand the extreme tension, furthermore, a safety chain is highly recommended when using a concrete core drill stands.

One main advantage of wire saws is their smaller incision, as compared to that of the blade. Another is the precision of the cut. Their main disadvantage is that they operate at a much slower speed. Other disadvantages include a greater risk that the wire will break and any surface inadequacies can cause faults in the cut.

At Borecut CC we bring the best and latest technology to each and every job. From hand-held diamond saws through to 65hp flat saws, from concrete core drilling through to wire sawing - whatever the application is, Borecut CC has the equipment to complete every job on time, in the most safest and efficient way possible.


  • "If you want an easy or difficult cutting or coring job done Safely, Proficiently, and at a fair price call in Borecut. Most of our construction involves sudden unexpected additions and Borecut have often done their bit to save the day mostly under plant operating conditions which in itself is a challenge."

    Martin du Rand - Director Stefanutti Stocks

  • "Borecut has been our concrete cutting company of choice for over 20 years because of their ability to complete any size shutdown with enthusiasm, speed and professionalism"

    Christo Hattingh - Mittal Steel

  • "Many times our clients, require new or additional openings to be cut out in reinforced concrete. With many years of experience working together, Borecut understands that prompt, professional service is important to our clients and us"

    S. De Boer - Concor

  • "When it comes to concrete Cutting and Drilling Borecut remains the best in the industry. They are reliable, accurate, and always have the best and most economical solution to any challenge"

    Wayne van der Westhuizen
    Site Agent
    Group Five Civil Engineering (Pty) Ltd