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Kusile Power Station: Turbine Block No.2 Demolition - Balmoral Mphumalanga


IN 2013, Borecut were called upon to cut Turbine Block No.2 (Kusile Power Station) Into manageable sections for removal. The reason for this was that cold breaks had formed in the concrete and proved this would be a structural problem in the years to come. Mechanical breaking was not an option as this method would have proved to be time constraining. The method of Cutting the Turbine block into manageable sections and lifting them to another location seemed the more viable route and proved to be successful. There were a total of 38 sections each ranging from a total weight of 112 tons down to 30 tons. Borecut had a large task on their hands as this Turbine Block had plenty reinforcement. Before the cutting took place, the sections were prepared by installing four Dywidag bars per section with a Girder and hydraulic jacks to lower each section to the ground. See pictures below.

Lowering Each cut Section...

Cross section after Cutting...

ON average, each cut measured about 10 square meters, and the average cutting time per cut took roughly 5 hours to complete. With the use of a Girder and Dywidag bars, this aloud each section to be jacked down to the ground effortlessly . At the end of lowering each section, Borecut then cut each section horizontally in half to reduce the weight for the crane to lift onto a flat bed truck.

TO meet with our clients demands, Borecut ran four wire saws all operating simultaneously on a day shift/night shift program, ensuring operations ran 24 hours 6 days a week with zero incidents. Borecut used a specialized diamond wire specifically imported for this application, as each cut being an average of 10 square meters, the wire needed a long life span as well a quick cutting speed.

Removal Of Each Section

THE removal of the turbine block no.2 at Kusile Power Station, could easily well be the largest concrete cutting and drilling job in the south hemisphere with a total amount of 1300 cubic meters of concrete being removed. Each section was transported by a flatbed truck and taken to another site and placed in the exact order it was cast. Each block clearly marked and tagged to identify each cold break. Borecut are proud to be apart of this large scale cutting activity and is proud to have assisted in the methodology planning and successful operation of the Turbine Block number 2 demolition. This has once again proved to Borecut that there is no job too big nor too small and can carry out a professional service to all its clients with quick and safe methods..

Download case study here.



  • "If you want an easy or difficult cutting or coring job done Safely, Proficiently, and at a fair price call in Borecut. Most of our construction involves sudden unexpected additions and Borecut have often done their bit to save the day mostly under plant operating conditions which in itself is a challenge."

    Martin du Rand - Director Stefanutti Stocks

  • "Borecut has been our concrete cutting company of choice for over 20 years because of their ability to complete any size shutdown with enthusiasm, speed and professionalism"

    Christo Hattingh - Mittal Steel

  • "Many times our clients, require new or additional openings to be cut out in reinforced concrete. With many years of experience working together, Borecut understands that prompt, professional service is important to our clients and us"

    S. De Boer - Concor

  • "When it comes to concrete Cutting and Drilling Borecut remains the best in the industry. They are reliable, accurate, and always have the best and most economical solution to any challenge"

    Wayne van der Westhuizen
    Site Agent
    Group Five Civil Engineering (Pty) Ltd