Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Affordable Concrete Cutting

Affordable Concrete Cutting

Will there be dust or mess?

  • No we at Borecut don’t leave any dust or mess! We use diamond segmented cutting blades and water to cut your concrete walls, floors and slabs. As the water touches the blade, it traps any dust particles and produces a liquid substance called slurry, which is easily clean up and this assist with getting rid of toxic dust clouds.

Do you cut from the inside or the outside of a building or structure?

  • If possible, we cut from the outside of the building. Sawing the concrete from the exterior to the interior will cause most of the water used to remove dust and to cool our cutting blades be placed outside. When it comes to the interior we also use special water control procedures to make sure any water that does enter the building is easily contained.

Do you use your own equipment or hire?

  • At Borecut we use our own cutting machinery, our highly trained team works with unique equipment including electric powered wall saws, hydraulic powered wall saws, massive floor saws, wire saws and a wide range of Core drilling equipment.

For larger applications what would you use? Saw or Wire?

  • There are many concrete buildings or structures that are far too large to accommodate traditional saw cutting. Additionally, we have developed an innovative concrete wire cutting solution that can be applied to just about any concrete cutting application. This procedure is safe when done under the watchful eyes of our professional team. Our wire sawing cutting procedure provides a few great and unique benefits like; clean and precise cuts, can cut through rebar with ease, mass concrete removal without breakage, equipment is fully portable for easy setup and maneuverability.

For Borecut’s amazing assistance with concrete related cutting and sawing, get in touch with our professionals today!

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