Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Core drilling and sawing of concrete, choosing the right team for the job

Concrete Core Drilling














Dealing with concrete can be extremely messy, having the most professional people to do the job will certainly put your mind at ease. It’s all about precision, expertise, and experience is a necessity. Timeline too, is of the essence.

What to look for in a core drilling company.

Customer service that is dedicated and personalised. The main priority is safety, dealing with such huge machinery requires safety precautions, make sure they have their health and safety rules in order. Experience and knowledge around core drilling is a key factor.

References and reviews.

Seeking the best company can be challenging, however with the internet we have the world at our fingertips. Reviews can give you a better understanding on a company’s successes and hiccoughs. With so many competitors in the market it helps to do your research.

References of previous jobs will help you take a closer look at the precision of their work, their authenticity and time management.

Questions to ask.

Does the company follow engineer guidelines? This will give you a great understanding of their professionalism. How long will the project take? Every project should have a guided timeline for drilling concrete. Is the job being supervised by a professional?

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