Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Concrete cutting and installations can be tricky project, with complex planned rebar and overall design, the final details often require post concrete inspection finesse. Remodelling an existing concrete structure can necessitate muddling solid concrete to build in new details. From grooving concrete slabs to removing whole solid blocks, choosing the correct concrete saw keeps your project on schedule, under budget and meets all deadlines.

Concrete Chain Sawing
When precision concrete cuts are needed, the perfect tool is most likely a concrete hydraulic chain saw. This remarkable chain cutter can excise up to 6 cm in depth with no over cuts. Whether installing shopping mall generators or removing a section of wall, this cost saving concrete chain saw creates perfect corners and straight lines for your project at hand.

Wire Sawing
If the project at hand requires massive section of concrete to be removed, a concrete wire saw is the perfect tool for the job. These resourceful machines work well on jobs too large for most concrete cutting techniques and saws. They have the ability to cut lengths and depths unreachable by spindle-mounted concrete blades and saws. Pillars, abutments, foundations, equipment pads, and thick walls can be removed or separated safely with way less noise and a beautiful clean cut using diamond wire sawing techniques.

Core Drilling
Core drilling allows perfect tubular holes in almost every surface of concrete. From openings as small as 3 cm up to 152 cm in diameter, concrete core drilling makes easy work of creating a hole for wiring, plumbing, anchor bolts, electrical wiring, and steel poles. Use a concrete core drilling saw to sample the composition of the inside of a concrete slab. These concrete core drill machines can drill at any angle, including upside down.

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