Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Many industries, whether construction or production, rely on solutions to accurately, neatly and efficiently cut or shape concrete. Being the stalwart substance that it is, concrete requires specialised equipment, techniques and training to be done properly and safely.

In the South African concrete industry, there are currently two major methods that are favoured to this purpose. The first is floor or wall sawing which is lauded for its efficiency; while a more complicated approach, wire sawing, has a better range of applications. Let’s see how the two, and their uses, differ.

Floor and wall sawing
Floor or wall sawing (depending on the needs of the application), use track mounted flat saws to accurately carve through concrete with high levels of accuracy and speed.

The method requires the use of a diamond tipped saw-blade, hydraulically powered to cut cleanly through surfaces of up to 520mm thick.

There are a few advantages to this method, one being its simplicity (when conducted by trained hands). This essentially also makes it a more cost-effective approach. This method can also be done without any damage to surrounding structures, and high levels of accuracy ensure a crisp finish upon completion.

Considering the simplicity of the method, it is also regarded to be one of the more efficient and neat ways of sawing or cutting concrete, which means faster delivery times on concrete and concrete structures, with less cleaning up to do.

This method of sawing does have one drawback, in that it isn’t always suited to extremely large structures, especially with the limitations on 250mm thick walls. However, for those that are taller or characterised by more depth, there are concrete wire cutting services available that make use of specialised equipment and techniques to tackle the challenges presented by such structures.

Wire sawing
The process of wire sawing starts with boring holes in the concrete structure that are in line with and parallel to each other. After that, a diamond wire cutting saw which is essentially a diamond edged loop of cable, is looped through the holes and hooked up to a powerful drive wheel. As it works the wire cable is pulled taught between the holes, and in doing so they begin to cut through the concrete with absolute precision.

While there are a number of advantages to using this method, the strongest one is that it is well suited to a variety of applications. Its flexibility makes it a worthwhile cutting solution for incredibly thick concrete structures, as well as for smaller tasks. This method can be used to cut through imbedded beams with relative ease, and is also one of the safer approaches to concrete cutting in the industry.

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