Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Health & Saftey

It is the policy of the management of Borecut cc, that work is to be carried out in a safe manner, and that occupational Health and Safety is to be regarded as a prerequisite in the operations, by Borecut cc, for their activities of contract work.


  1. Assignment of Responsible Persons to Supervise Health and Safety on Site
    Borecut cc, shall ensure copies of the appointment letters of the responsible persons appointed on site will be retained in site file.
  2. Competency for Responsible Persons
    Borecut cc, acknowledges that all management personnel (responsible for health and safety) shall undergo A Health and Safety induction Course, which is to be arranged and conducted by the Client prior to commencement of activities on site. Furthermore, all staff are certified in all areas of concrete cutting by Transvaal Training.
  3. Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993 (CODIA)
    Letter of good standing is attached.
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Policy
    Occupational Health & Safety ACT 85 of 1993 will be adhered to.
  5. Health and Safety Organogram
    Site organogram is attached for reference purposes.
  6. Health’s and Safety Representative(s)
    Borecut cc,shall ensure that al least (1) Health and Safety Representatives is elected and trained to carry out his / her functions for every (10) persons in his / her area of responsibility.  They shall ensure that the elected persons are designated in writing for a specific area and period of time.
    They shall further ensure that the designated person(s) conduct monthly inspections within their area of responsibility; the records shall be kept for auditing and that deviations recorded are reported to the responsible supervisor within the designated person’s area so that appropriate action can be taken.
  7. Health and Safety Committee
    Monthly meetings will be held, and Safety department, will be invited and attend said meetings.
    Minutes will be distributed to all relevant parties.
  8. Health and Safety Training
    Borecut cc,acknowledges that training of personnel is both a legal requirement and a contractual requirement.  Daily Toolbox Talks and weekly, risk assessment meetings are used for this purpose.
  9. Induction
    Borecut cc,shall ensure that all employees engaged, attend the relevant health and safety induction before commencement on site.  All employees in attendance shall sign the attendance register, which shall be kept for record purposes.
    Borecut cc,shall also conduct their own inductions prior to commencement of any work
  10. Competency
    Borecut cc shall keep records of all training attended and certificates of competency associated with the training.
  11. General Record Keeping
    Borecut cc,shall ensure that all the Health and Safety records, require by both the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and Regulations are kept for reference purposes and auditing.  Further to the requirements set out above, Borecut cc,will also maintain records that may be defined through the risk assessment process, for auditing purposes.
    Borecut cc, shall ensure that all injury and incident records (Near Misses, First Aid, Medical Cases, Disabling, Lost Time Incidents), training etc. referred to above be kept on site.  The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, and shall make all documents available for inspection including the Department of Labor’s Inspectors as required.
  12. Accident / Incident Reporting and Investigation
    Should accident investigation need to be conducted, a competent person has been appointed in writing to conduct the said investigation.  The procedure to be followed will be in accordance with the OHSA requirement of the Annexure 1 – Recording the investigation of Incident form, in addition to the internal reporting procedure prescribed by Borecut cc.
    Borecut cc, shall ensure that the results of all investigations are communicated to the employees engaged through incident recall and prescribed meetings, and, shall ensure that the investigations are kept for record purposes in accordance with the prescribed requirements set out in the OHSACT.
  13. Hazards and Potential Situations
    Borecut cc shall ensure that all other workers or sub-contractors are warned of hazardous or potentially hazardous situations, which may prevent them from effectively performing their duties, and shall immediately notify the safety department, of such occurrences as they occur.
  14. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing
    Borecut cc shall comply with the Agreement that requires that all employees engaged, be issued with and wear pink helmets, steel toe safety shoes and green flameproof overalls, and flame proof socks.
    We shall through the HIRA process identify the specific PPE needs per activity and then issue the PPE accordingly (Reference to the OHSACT General Safety Regulations 2 – Employer to provide Personal Protective Equipment).
    Should PPE be lost or stolen then the employee will be issued with a new set of PPE.  We shall also investigate the reasons for the loss or theft so that corrective and preventative measures can be implemented.
    Should PPE be worn out or damaged, the user shall return the worn or damaged PPE and will be issued with a replacement set.
  15. Speed Restrictions and Protection
    The speed limit maintained on site will be adhere to as what is prescribed from the site including site roads.
    Borecut cc,will ensure these limits are imposed on all personnel, suppliers and visitors to site through regular monitoring and where necessary measuring compliance.
  16. Water
    The water that Borecut cc will be useing, will be contained around the working area.
  17. Working at Heights
    Working at a height of greater than two meters will only be undertaken with a full body harnassess and two lanyards, when the need arises.
  18. Portable Electric Tools
    Electric tools will be used.
  19. High Voltage Electrical Equipment
    Borecut cc shall ensure that the provisions of the Electrical Machinery Regulations framed under the OSHACT are complied with.
    Persons will be made aware of the danger of working under or near high voltage equipment by means of Induction, Toolbox Talks.


All employees of Borecut CC, directly or indirectly are responsible for the care of the environment.
We will conduct our activities in an environmentally responsible manner and will promote open communication on environmental issues.
We undertake to comply with local legislation and international standards and to co-operate with regional and national authorities in achieving their environmental goals.
We will foster continued improvement by education, training and motivation.  All employees are to regard environmental considerations as an integral and vital element of their day-to-day activities.
I am personally committed and empower all employees to make the achievement of this policy a personal responsibility in their area of operation.