Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Since they do a far cleaner job of cutting concrete than abrasive saws, diamond ones are most commonly used for cutting concrete. However, the cutting power of these types of blades makes them especially dangerous for operators, who could face severe injuries, dismemberment or even death if operating it incorrectly. And while the principles of working safely with saws may come easy to some, one should take care not to rely on assumptions when it comes to personal safety when working with saws. So follow these simple tips to ensure that you do it safely the next time you are involved in a project that concerns cutting through concrete.

Working with the Blade
It goes without saying that the diamond tipped blade is the most dangerous part of a concrete cutting saw. It only takes a moment of misuse or a lapse in concentration for something to go wrong. Remember too that the blade needs to be fitted firmly and be properly aligned to limit the chances of a mishap occurring. Wet blades should always be used with cooling water to eliminate the chances of fires breaking out; and under no circumstances should you use it for applications that the device was not designed for.

Handling the Recoil of the Saw
When operating any power tools or electric saws, remember that the device may give a little kick-back when being used. This recoil, by which the saw moves unexpectedly towards the operator, can result in serious injuries. So be sure to hold the saw firmly during operations, and to use it with exceptional care.

Locked in Blades
When blades aren’t adequately supported or clamped in place, work pieces may get caught in it which could cause the blade to jam during its operations; this may also happen from trying to cut too deeply by applying too much pressure. To avoid this, it is a good idea to make shallow cutting guides to assist the saw when cutting.

Personal Protection
It is essential to obtain all of the appropriate protective gear when working with concrete saws, and there is quite a lot to consider here. Firstly, you will want breathing protection to keep rogue dust from being inhaled after cutting has been done. Protective gloves, clothing and eyewear are also necessary to keep operators safe from harm.

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