Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Safety Tips for Concrete Saw Cutting

Safety Tips for Concrete Saw Cutting

Concrete saw cutting can be tricky, not to mention dangerous. It is therefore of vital importance that you know what you’re doing when sawing concrete. If you don’t, it’s better to let professionals handle the job. For all the DIY-types out there, we’ve put these handy tips together to help you through the process. Consider the below for your safety and the quality of the job.

The Right Saw for the Job

Choosing between different concrete saw types before making a purchase or renting equipment is of the utmost importance. The main types include: Wet Saws, Diamond Blades and Bits, Walk-Behind Saws and Handheld Cutting Edge Saws. Know what saw is the correct one for the job.

Control Dust Production

Wet cutting equipment should be used when working on interior projects like concrete floors and countertops. Water vastly reduces the amount of dust produced by sawing. Additionally, wet saws work wonders outside, but make sure that all sources of electricity are cut off first. Wet saws also make the work safer, and reduce the number of respirator refills needed.

Ensure Blades are Kept Sharp

Cutting concrete using dull blades increases the chance of fracturing. The process also heats up the saw, and this can shortens its lifespan and increases the amount of dust being produced. For clean cuts in a single pass, change out the blades the moment they start showing signs of wear.

Wait for Curing

Do your best to time your cuts for the best moment in the curing process. If the concrete is wet, it is just about impossible to cut without fraying and splitting occurring. Even so, completely dry and cured concrete will fracture at the surface if cut. One should aim for the day that the concrete is fully hardened, but roughly half cured.

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