Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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Wire Sawing Services

Many concrete structures are far too large to accommodate traditional saw cutting. In response to this, we have developed an innovative concrete wire sawing solution that can be applied to any concrete structure.

Core drills are used to make holes at the end of the cutline. A power loop of cable (which incorporates diamond-edged inserts) then cuts the concrete from hole to hole by way of a wire sawing drive wheel which pulls the cable through the concrete, executing the cut with precision. This method is both flexible, powerful and quick.

This safe procedure can be applied to structures of any depth or length. Our wire sawing methods provide a number of unique benefits:

  • Create clean, precise cuts
  • Can cut through heavy rebar and embedded steel beams
  • Allow for mass concrete removal without breakage or vibration
  • Eliminate over-cutting at corners and damage to structure
  • Equipment is fully portable so cuts can be performed from any position.