Concrete Core Drilling and Saw Cutting.

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To gain insight of how one could benefit from concrete wall sawing means understanding the various purposes it serves. Also known as ‘track sawing’, it is an operational method of concrete sawing which can be applied to reinforced concrete walls and floors. This article will look at the functions and applications of walling for a better understanding of this machinery. This method employs specialised sawing equipment that is powerful. It is predominantly employed in the facility of isolation cuts, generally to a depth of 750 mm with the intention of separating two integral structures. It is a highly efficient and effective mechanism that offers easy to assemble components. It uses high-quality diamond blades for attaining the least amount of friction.

Further benefits are resultant from the fact that this concrete wall sawing skill can be set up at just about any location with the reassurance of obtaining an accurate and even cut, with minimal dust and vibration.

How it Works
This form of concrete sawing systems necessitates highly trained and experienced operators. This operator should have the capacity to assemble a wall saw by connecting it to the concrete or masonry needed for cutting.

Once the determined position is being achieved, the wall saw head will criss-cross vertically or horizontally to complete its chosen task. The diamond saw blade is then joined to the wall saw head mechanism, from which it revolves at a high-speed forming the dissection.

The material subjected to the concrete sawing process is smashed into small pieces by the saw blade until the determined depth has been reached. The whole wall sawing procedure is supervised by the operational engineer using remote control. This allows for a safer working environment to be maintained during the operation, without anxieties over the structure involved or the equipment.

The Benefits of Concrete Sawing
Concrete sawing has been acknowledged by established contractors due to its general efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of the operational system. It provides significant advantages over traditional concrete removal alternatives. The benefits that can be accomplished differ according to the specific project, but they generally include:

  • A decrease in downtime;
  • Decrease in noise, dust, and debris;
  • A determined precision cutting process;
  • The aptitude for cutting of heavily-reinforced concrete;
  • The capacity to maintain structural integrity; and
  • Limited-access cutting

Always Wear Safety Gear
It’s seriously of the utmost importance for all on-site construction workers to wear their safety equipment before they start with their work. Furthermore, it means whether you are concrete drill operator who will be using a concrete cutting machine you must put on your safety equipment. Although, workers who have other work to do then concrete sawing and drilling machines but still have to work on the construction site should also take necessary safety measures because they are on-site and anybody around the machinery should wear their safety gear.

Applications for Concrete Sawing
Concrete wall sawing is an innovative system that arguably contributes advantages and resultant benefits that have affected dramatic changes within the concrete cutting industry. Irrespective of whether a job involves cutting conventional materials, inverted or flush-cut; concrete saw cutting with a skilled operation can be utilised in the majority of situations. Examples of this factor include:

  • An easily available, specialised method for cutting concrete, masonry, and steel reinforced concrete;
  • Ideal for the cutting of openings in walls, windows, and doorways, as well as lift-shaft access points and for reducing the heights of walls;
  • A solution in reduced working space; and
  • Positioning of pre-determined cuts

BoreCut CC brings with it the latest technology to each and every job. From hand-held diamond saws through to 65hp flat saws, from concrete core drilling through to wire sawing – whatever the application, BoreCut Supply CC has the equipment.

Wall Sawing is a track mounted saw that is used to cut precise dimensions in walls and slabs. The wall saw is powered by hydraulic power pack for concrete walls up to 520mm thick, wall sawing provides the quickest and cleanest method.

Absence of vibration allows Borecut`s diamond-tipped saw blades to cut through any type of concrete without damage to adjoining wall areas or damaging the integrity of concrete.


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